1. A Retreat for Ministers and Caretakers of Artists that I lead annually at the Laity Lodge. See here for information on the latest one.
  2. Here is a website for my wife Phaedra Taylor’s artwork.
  3. A book I edited to bring the worlds of the church and the worlds of the arts and artists into conversation: For the Beauty of the Church: Casting a Vision for the Arts (Baker Books: 2010).
  4. Here is the conference, Transforming Culture Symposium, that I co-planned in 2008, which eventually gave rise to the book I edited.
  5. Here is a great collection of links for Resources on theology and the arts via the Transpositions website.
  6. Here and here and here you will find links to my favorite science fiction novels, and here is a syllabus for a course I teach on Science Fiction and Theology.
  7. Here is a syllabus for a course that I teach on The Vocation of Artists.
  8. Here is a syllabus for a course that I teach On Worship and the Arts.
  9. Here is a tremendously helpful resource on starting and maintaining church art galleries ∫ via Christians In the Visual Arts (CIVA).
  10. Here is a conference I was privileged to plan in partnership with CIVA: “Between Two Worlds: A Conversation Between the Church and Contemporary Art.
  11. Here are Prayers of Artists, Prayers for Artists.
  12. Here are 12 Features of a Scriptural Imagination.